26 April 2013

A Pay It Forward Card

On Monday 22 April, 2013 I received a single card from Troy a member of the online card forum Trading Card Zone (TCZ) as part of a "Pay It Forward" honor system. Basically there is a post there were you post what you collect and other members check out the lists and check their piles of trade-bait then get your mailing address either directly or by surprise tactics and send you some cards. Then you are honor-bound (by honor only) to send something to someone else who posted in the thread to gift and "Pay It Forward".

The card is very similar to a card I already have, at least as far as the design style and the back is concerned because it is a Topps Archives card that pays homage to earlier cards and card styles.

To keep you in a little bit of suspense let me show you the card that is being honored:

 1971 Topps 620 Frank Howard Senators
(Front and Back)

Now here is the back of the card I received: Notice it is very similar, of course they use modern glossy cardboard stock added all the modern copyright info and trademark symbols as per the legalities of the trading card business now-days. The card number of course is different since this is not a true "reprint", well since it is an Archives Fan Favorite it is more of a facsimile of a reprint.

2012 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Certified Autograph FFA-FH Frank Howard Senators
Based on the 1971 Topps Original - Signed with Blue Sharpie
 (Front and Back)
For the front of the card (as par for the course) they used a different photo. Added the modern "TM" trademark logo and for Frank's position they used "1st base" instead of sticking with the 1971 abbreviation of "1b" and they dropped the "of" (outfield) although they used it on the back since the back seems to be a fairly faithful reproduction although slightly smaller due to the side copyright lines. The green text is a bit brighter.

Frank's signature is plainly basic he often will add "1960 N.L. R.O.Y." or "1968 1970 A.L. HR 'King' " to his signature sometimes his #33. I guess it depends on how much time he has to sign stuff. For these card company signing sessions he (or Topps) probably wanted to keep things simple since he had to sign who knows how many of the dang things.

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