16 March 2015

Senators Singles: Poor Pinholed Pedro

1956 Topps Pinhole Pedro
OK so this card has some damage to it in a top corner but I only got it for a quarter from Sportlots shipping was steep at $4.50 but two other vintage cards rode along with it a couple of Baltimore Birds from '55. 

 1956 Topps Baseball 49 Pedro Ramos Nationals
(Front and Back)

Looking at the front right top corner you can see some crease damage and a pin hole that caused some paper loss. I'm guessing this card spent some time up on a kids bulletin board above the dresser or by the closet. Looking at the back the hole is right smack on the card number making it difficult but not impossible to read the number and Topps above it in the ball design. At the top on the back there is a hand written 12 (it almost looks like a 19) I am guessing it was for the number of wins that Pedro got in that '56 season.

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