30 June 2017

Tony Two Bags Rice Refractor

Back on my Birthday of this year (04 April) I received 3 card packages/PWEs each with one card. I had forgotten I had some "Birthday Cards" this year, since April was one of the months I had gotten really backed up on for my mail day mentioning in my usual places on the forums. Today on my regular CaptKirk42 Card Blog I will be posting about one of the other cards from one of the other packages I got that day. A Niche Name PC Card. Here I will be mentioning the lone Curly W Card that came as an unintentional Birthday Present. The card came from a contest from TCC member dlackey (Dennis) it was a "Guess the Number" contest. The number was from 1-100 but had nothing to do with the card itself, it was just a random number. The card is a very PC card both in player and team.

This lovely 2011 Panini Playoff Contenders: Prospect Ticket: RT-10 Anthony Rendon Washington Red crackly ice? Or Red refractor, regular refractor? Crackly Refractor? After looking at the dang checklists I think it is called "Crystal". So it is the "Prospect Ticket Crystal Collection" I guess. Serial number is 223/299 sort of a "jersey number" card for him since 23 is the jersey number he is wearing from his college days at Rice University.

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Tony Burbs said...

The names are silly, but that is a pretty nice looking parallel. I love cards that show big leaguers in their college or minor league uniforms.

Also, exciting series our two clubs just had! Here's hoping they meet up and top it during the postseason.