23 February 2018

Award Time 2017 Edition

Wow the Awards for Nats this year (2017) were sort of slim pickins for what was won. The winners of a couple of this years awards are much like from last year (2016). Hmm almost exactly like last year.

NL Cy Young Award: Max Scherzer 2nd Year in a row for winning this one. His 3rd over all. His first one he won when he was with the Detroit Tigers.

2016 Topps Baseball Update: US169 Max Scherzer

NL Silver Slugger 2nd Base: Daniel Murphy this is also his second year in a row for this award.

2016 Topps Baseball Update: US125 Daniel Murphy ASG

Surprise sort of award The MLB Award for Best Performance Anthony Rendon. For his 6 hit 10 RBI day 30 Apr 2017 vs New York Mets.

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 142 Anthony Rendon

From the Player's Choice Awards: The National League Outstanding Pitcher: Max Scherzer

2016 Topps Baseball: Record Setters: RS-5 Max Scherzer

The National League Comeback Player: Ryan Zimmerman

2013 Topps Baseball: Red Parallel: 80 Ryan Zimmerman

Note: This post sat for way too long in my post draft queue it is almost irrelevant now.

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