28 February 2023

A Sharp Chrome Autograph

 Yes once again I am doing a quick and dirty post. I really should plan things more or work on some of my stuck in draft mode for 20 years posts. OK not really I haven't been blogging for 20 years (yet, it is about 3 years away on my regular blog and this one I have only been blogging for 11 years), but I do have several draft posts that have been stuck for a few years.

This is a card I got about a year or two It's a 2021 Topps Chrome so I couldn't have gotten it earlier than that. At first I thought I might have posted about it before, but it looks like I haven't.

2021 Topps Baseball Chrome RA-SSH Sterling Sharp Washington Nationals RC
on card Blue Sharpie

1 comment:

Chris said...

When I first heard of this pitcher - and every time I've seen him since - I chuckle a little because my favorite NFL star as a kid was Sterling Sharpe

This Sterling's auto looks shaky. Hopefully his pitching won't be lol.