27 April 2013

Bryce Harper Cover Boy

Hey lookie who is on the cover of the current MLB Insiders Club Magazine!

I haven't read the article yet, but I will when I get the chance. In the past the Nats didn't get too much national press, but since last year's breakout season they will start getting some. The large white area on the cover image is the address label which in reality has all my subscription info and address, but I cutout, deleted, whited-out, wiped out intentionally to keep scammers and identity thieves away.

Speaking of Bryce I recently purchased a couple of sketch cards from Ebay. The artist/seller only does 1/1 cards he doesn't make multiples of his work. It looks like he uses mostly color in several mediums. I will give more details of the cards when I receive them and have gotten a chance to scan them. They are pretty cool they aren't real great, but they are very well done.

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