22 May 2013

Sketching Harper

Back in April (Saturday 27th) I got some card stuff that included a couple of sketch cards I bought on Ebay of Bryce Harper from the same seller, same artist. I think the seller is the artist. He goes by Qwasian on his cards. Each card is a 1 of 1 so he doesn't do multiple prints. He uses mixed medium but mostly watercolor I think. He does have some pretty good artistic talent, he isn't super great but still good. OH and the shipping was FREE!

OK so this first one of the two I wasn't thrilled with the price since it is at the top of, and almost over, my price ceiling, but I pulled the trigger on it anyway. I felt that since it was a one of one and I did sort of like it I would regret turning it down. So the price was $34.99 eek 'spensive for a new individual card. Sketch cards tend to be expensive anyway *sigh*. Hey I liked the subject matter and the way it looks so in the long run I guess it was worth the dent in the wallet. This one the paper stock itself is textured to feel like painting canvas, probably another reason for the higher price.

Sketch: Artist - Qwassian
Subject: Bryce Harper Nationals
Head shot in blue road batting helmet.
(Front and Back)
Yep there is some bleed-through of the paints/ink on the back, the next card has some bleed-through as well but not as much.

Now this next one I saw first and it appealed to me on several levels. First it was Bryce Harper OK 10 points for that. It showed Bryce in a throwback retro uniform (well cap really since it's a head & shoulders shot) +10 more points and has a design based on a vintage set, the 1953 Topps Baseball to be exact +10. The price was more reasonable at $24.99 so another 10 or 20 points. Bottom line I just HAD to have the card.

Sketch: Artist - Qwasian
Subject: Bryce Harper Nationals
1953 Topps Basball card design - throwback uniform
(Front and Back)
With this second ("first") one the card stock is closer to regular paper stock than the other one was. Another item of note that some might point out is it says "Senators" not "Nationals", "the Expos were NEVER the Senators". True but much like this blog and a lot of Washington Baseball fans it is WASHINGTON BASEBALL So who cares if it is technically and politically incorrect?

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