24 May 2013

FRANKly Friday: Dodging in 1960

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I think I will try this new feature that will hopefully I'll do regularly every week. I am calling it "FRANKly Friday" it will prominently feature my all time fave SeNator Frank Howard (and occasionally Frank Robinson, and maybe a few other Franks* who have played ball, or managed in DC). It will mostly just be a regular showing off of cards and memorabilia like many of my posts here. It is an attempt to get motivated to do more posting around here. This is my least active blog of the three I do. Not sure how in depth I'll get with this feature.

So I'll start things off by Showing Mr. Howard's Rookie Card:

1960 Topps Baseball 132  1960 Rookie Star Frank Howard RC Dodgers
(Front and Back)
I also have a reprint in the chrome style:
 2001 Topps Archives Reserve 34 Frank Howard Dodgers
(Front and Back)

There seems to be a straight 2001 Topps Archives Reserve that is not chrome I need to find one of those.

*Not 100% sure how many Franks have appeared in a DC uniform. My DC Ballpark Franks list below gives the years they appeared in a DC uniform. I may have missed a Francis or two, if I have missed a DC Frank, Francis or variation of Frank please let me know so I can add him to this list. If anyone has cards of these guys, especially some of the earlier ones I'd like to acquire them if possible.

Senators/Nationals Named Frank:
Frank Barron 1914 (Played 1 game 19 August 1914)
Frank Bertaina 1967-1969
Frank Brower 1920-1922
Frank Campos 1951-1953
Frank Coggins 1967-1968
Frank Croucher 1942
Frank Ellerbe 1919-1921
Frank Hemphill 1909
Frank Howard 1965-1971
Frank Huelsman 1904-1905
Frank Kelliher 1919 (Played 1 game 19 September 1919)
Frank Kitson 1906-1907
Frank Kreutzer 1964-1966, 1969
Frank LaPorte 1912-1913
Frank Loftus 1926 (Played 1 game 26 September 1926)
Frank Mancuso 1947
Frank McGee 1925
Frank Oberlin 1907, 1909-1910
Frank O'Rourke 1920-1921
Frank Ragland 1932
Frank Robinson MGR 2005-2006
Frank Sacka 1951, 1953
Frank Shea 1952-1955
Frank Schulte 1918
Frank Trechock 1937
Frank Woodward 1921-1922

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