03 March 2013

1970 Senators Headshot Portraits

On Thursday 27 December 2012 I got some vintage stuff (and some of it looks it) from Ebay for $7.99 + $4.15 shipping. I bid on the lot mostly for the Senators pictures (4.25x7) that look like they came from a magazine? yearbook maybe? Very yellowed and all have pushpin or staple holes. they are from 1970 (since there is Aurelio Rodriguez and it looks like he was only a Senator in 1970).

I don't know much about them other than what I have said they are on the standard wood pulp paper that was used for newspapers and some magazines back in the day. Their edges are a clean straight cut so I don't think they were cut out by hand.

Their blank backs suggest either they were in some sort of album together or were team issued as promotional portrait photos. From the marks/stains on the Aurelio Rodriguez and Dick Bosman backs (shown respectively) it appears that these things had either been stored for a long time in a stack of various papers and cardboard, or on a bulletin board, or in a scrapbook maybe?

Back of Aurelio Rodriguez photo
Back of Dick Bosman Photo
Dick Bosman RHP #27

Ed Brinkman Shortstop #11

Paul Casanova Catcher #8

Joe Coleman RHP #20

Mike Epstein Firstbase #6

Frank Howard Outfield/Firstbase #33
(main reason I picked up this lot)

Aurelio Rodriguez Thirdbase #2

Ed Stroud Outfield #36

The wavy lines on the photos is not the photos themselves it was my scanner on an off day.

The lot also included some Non-Senators cards/memorabilia four 1970 Topps Scratch Offs inserts, three of which were unscratched one had one box scratched off. None of them have the scorecard on the back marked up. There were also Two (well 1.5 really) 1970 Topps Story Booklets Inserts one of them only has the cover page sheet (front and back covers inside and out) it is missing the inside page which is pages 3-6.

Senators Mentioned in this post:
Dick Bosman
Ed Brinkman
Paul Casanova
Joe Coleman
Mike Epstein
Frank Howard
Aurelio Rodriguez
Ed Stroud

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