21 June 2013

Frankly Friday: Breakfast Cereal In 3-D

1970 Breakfast Cereal In 3-D (Sort of)

Starting in 1970 until 1983 kids who went Bonkers for Baseball cards could get some real cool cards out of a box of their favorite Kellogg's brand breakfast cereal. OK maybe not all the Kellogg's cereals had the cards but several of them did, or had some kind of promo/giveaway for kids to send for a free card. I think for $xx.xx and some boxtops/proof of purchase you could get a full set. They did this for football also probably the same years I didn't check the FB years.

The cards are an early 3-D effect produced by a company or process known as Xograph which is what some people mistakenly call these cards since Kellogg's is not mentioned anywhere on the cards, but they were the distribution source. The cards have a tendency to bend or bow like 1990s Chrome and Bowman cards. One down side to this type of card is instead of getting creases when they are bent or folded the front plastic cracks and frosts up ruining the 3-D effect and often destroying the image as well.

Anyway on to the Washington Franks that appear on cards in this set, Of course our former Inaugural Nationals Skipper Frank Robinson wasn't a Washington Frank yet he was a B'more Frank.

So without saying too much "I had a bunch of these cards back then and ate tons of Sugar Pops to get to them" (I probably did but it was probably Cap't Crunch or Quisp) I'll just jump to showing the two Frankly cards this week.
1970 Kellogg's 3-D Baseball 6 Frank Howard Senators
(Front and Back)

1970 Kellogg's 3-D Baseball 15 Frank Robinson Orioles
(Front and Back)

There are 75 cards in this set and I have 15 of them. Most of mine are in decent shape with little or no cracking but there are a few that are in bad shape.

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