28 June 2013

Frankly Friday: 1952 Topps Reprints

 1952 TOPPS Reprints
Many baseball card collectors consider the 1952 Topps Baseball set to be the Crème de la crème set of baseball cards. Nobody seems to know exactly what it is that has made this one of the most sought after sets in the hobby. This popularity and its scarcity makes the prices for the individual cards insane. So I will probably never have a complete original set, and probably won't even have a complete Original Senators Team set from 1952, but I did manage to get a reprint set of the Senators (and a reprint set of the St. Louis Browns who would become the Orioles in 1954). I have one original 1952 Topps cards of a Red Sox player. I don't have any original 1952 Senators yet. The Senators had two Franks playing for them in 1952; Frank Campos and Frank Shea. Both had 1952 Topps cards, however Frank Shea's card has him as a Yankee as he was traded to Washington in May of 52 and apparently Topps had already printed their cards, where as Bowman seems to have him as a Senator. So right now I only have the Campos '52 reprint so that is the only one I can show right now. When I get some of the originals I can do a side by side, until then I will only have reprints to show from time to time. The 1952 set was reprinted in 1983.

 1983 Topps 1952 Reprint - 307 Frank Campos Senators
(Front and Back)

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