05 July 2013

Frankly Friday: 1953 Topps Reprints

1953 TOPPS Reprints
Last week I showed the 1952 Topps Reprint I have this week I will show the 1953 Topps Reprints I have. I also have some original 1953 Topps cards (a couple of St. Louis Browns) but none of them are Senators yet. I like the design of the 1953s more than the 1952. Again I got a Senators Team Reprint set (Didn't get one of the Browns although I should so I can do a side by side with those originals I have on my regular card blog). 1953 had the same two Franks (Campos and Shea) as the 1952 had this time both were shown properly/timely as Senators. This time the reprints were done in 1991 under the "Archives" Brand.

 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Reprint - 51 Frank Campos Senators
(Front and Back)

 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Reprint - 164 Frank Shea Senators
(Front and Back)

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