12 July 2013

Frankly Friday: Limited Greats

FRANKly Friday: Great Limited Autographs
OK so this week I'm only showing one Frank, but its my fave Frank Howard. This card I got from Ebay for cheap, well not so cheap it was lets see (looks up quickly on semi-recent card forum blog posts...) $10.19 +  $1.99 Shipping. 2011 Limited Greats Limited Autographs 29 Frank Howard Senators auto blue sharpie on sticker #d 007/299. When I got it I was a little disappointed because in the Buy It Now Auction listing it looked a lot BLUER than it really is. I guess the camera or scanner the seller used was set really bright, and reflected the light just right, probably was a camera. Anyway in addition to the fact that it was Frank Howard, and that it was an Auto, and that it was Leaf Limited (well Panini Limited) and that it was serial numbered, it was serial numbered to Kill 007 James Bond's number. If it was just plain old 7 I'm not sure I would have pulled the trigger on it as quickly as I did. I wish that Topps didn't have the official Monopoly licensing for baseball products. No team logos and just the name of the city is a huge reminder of that fact. Anyway here is the card enjoy.

 2011 Limited Greats Limited Autographs 
29 Frank Howard Senators auto blue sharpie on sticker #d 007/299
(Front and Back)
I just noticed while looking at the scans that the "OF 33" on the back could almost be misinterpreted as coming from a small set of only 33 cards. Instead of standing for Frank's position and jersey number.

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Frank Howard

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Hackenbush said...

Nice card. The old guys, for the most part,have great signatures.